About Nayasansar

Better Food for Better Future

NayaSansar presents you with a new range of better food that includes staple food and kitchen ingredients necessary for a better and healthy life. Our brand brings in the most satisfied quality of wheat (atta), all purpose flour (maida), besan, sooji, varieties of dal and spices. We are highly eager to bring forward other special ingredients, in duration of which these already to be launched products are all yours to utilize and to enjoy a better and healthy future.


NayaSansar brings you food essentials that you need in your daily diet. The products have been handpicked from the rural heartlands of India. The food items are unpolished and finely granuled. They have been processed in aclean and hygienic place with the help of modern mechanized technology. During packaging, hygiene and cleanliness have been maintained all through the while with the help of Sortex Technology. All the food essentials- Atta, Maida, Pulses, Besan, Sattu, Sooji, Spices and Dry Fruits are fresh, pure and quality products.
NayaSansar handpicks its choicest fine grains after procuring them from various rural heartlands of India and delivers the best quality to your family. We make sure that our product ingredients are carefully nurtured and processed through hygienic mechanized process. We ensure high standards of food safety and hygiene. It is our constant endeavour to ensure the natural goodness and nutrients are retained through innovative poly packaging which also ensures the freshness of the food essentials to enjoy the wholesome goodness of them. Thereafter, delivering our promise of providing better food for the betterment of your family.