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ATTA (2/5/10 KGS)

NayaSansar handpicks its choicest fine grains after procuring them from various rural heartlands of India and delivers the best quality to your family. We make sure that our product ingredients are carefully nurtured and processed through hygienic mechanized process. We ensure high standards of food safety and hygiene. It is our constant endeavour to ensure the natural goodness and nutrients are retained through innovative poly packaging which also ensures the freshness of Atta to enjoy the wholesome goodness of wheat in the rotis. Thereafter, delivering our promise of providing better food for the betterment of your family.


About Atta

Naya Sansar brings you the finest quality of wheat to be bought in for your kitchen. We promise you only the most delightful rotis straight from your kitchen complete with your love and care through your preparation. We use our network of various rural heartlands to buy wheat straight from our farmers across the most fertile fields. This is followed by our rigorous process of cleaning, mechanized packing and nutrition lockage. Henceforth, we deliver you happiness through the promise of the goodness of wholesome wheat.
Softness Assured
Rich in Fibre
Natural Nutrients
100% Pure

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