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My house-help Rachna, has a habit of placing the utensils in the dish basket right after she has rinsed them. She does not wipe the water off of them.

The result?
A messy, soapy and slippery slab. Since Rachna’s work is limited to cleaning the utensils, what follows is me wiping the slab on my precious Saturday and Sunday mornings. The other days while I am at work, the water remains and forms patches on both the sink and right underneath the dish basket on the kitchen counter. Imagine coming home to a kitchen which is both wet and smelly because of the water residue. What is worse is the frustration of dealing with a wet shirt simply for leaning over the kitchen counter!

The last week, however, has turned out to be less of a mess. Here is how-

We use Nayasansar Multigrain Atta when it comes to our staple flour diet. This week when I went to the store for my usual purchase, the cashier handed over to me a Dish Drying Mat as well. I was confused until I figured that it came free with the 5Kg Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrain pack that I bought.

I knew about dish drying mats earlier; however, it never really occurred to me that this would be a good solution to my woes of water residue. It has now been only two days since I have been using the mat by placing it right underneath my dish basket and coming back home to a spick and span kitchen has never felt better.

How exactly does a Dish Drying Mat help?

Ideally, you should place the utensils right onto the mat after a wash. Let the excess water spill into the sink and the mat should soak in any remaining amount of water. General dish drying mats like the one I got free with the atta pack have a layer of foam between two layers of microfiber. These are quite absorbent and can hold at least thrice their weight in water. The mesh that you see works as a lamination for the foam in between. There are others available online which claim to have a higher absorbing capacity. I feel that those are overpriced and on another note, you don’t really need a mat with such a high absorbing capacity.

Maintaining a Dish Drying Mat

Although it is true that a Dish Drying Mat’s job is to dry other things, you should realize that even a dish drying mat needs to be dried so that it does not accumulate any mould or foul smell. Cleaning a Dish Drying Mat is not complicated; you could wash it in your washing machine with some cool water and the tumbler set to low.
At the end of the day, it came as a surprise to me that a simple dish drying mat could help solve such frustrating troubles of mine. I am happy that Aashirvaad is thinking about the basic necessities of families by offering free dish drying mats. Equipping yourself with tools such as this can always be of help.

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